Wick Odorizers


  • With the use of a charcoal filter to bleed pressure into when filling, there is no odour.
  • Odorant is handled only when changing the barrel, not when filling the system.
  • Very user friendly.

To Use:

  • Install Wick Odorant system in gas line with valves on each side of the connection.
  • Install bypass line with valve.
  • Install 1/2” valve on wick vessel and rub tubing to odorant barrel.
  • Install 1/4” valve on wick vessel to bleed off pressure while filling vessel with odorant. Bleed valve can be tied. into a charcoal filter to control odour while filling.

To Fill Wick Odorizer:

  • Connect odorant barrel to Wick Odorizer so that it will gravity-feed into the Wick Odorizer.
  • To fill, close the valves on the gas line and open valve on the bypass line.
  • Bleed off pressure into charcoal filter (we can supply a filter to absorb odours if you do not have one), open fill valves on Odorizer and odorant barrel.
  • Watching sight glass, shut off fill valves and bleed valves when Odorizer is full, and re-open gas line.
  • Close bypass valve and you are back in business!
  • Inlet valve on gas line can be throttled back and bypass valve opened to adjust odorant in gas stream. Makes system adjustable for low flow times.


  • CRN#: 0H16408.2
  • Design Pressure: 2075 PSIG (lots of corrosion protection).
  • Daily volume: Up to 100,000 standard cubic feet per day.
  • 1/2” Fill Connection direct to odorant container.
  • 1/4” Bleed Connection.
  • 1/2” Wick Connection.
  • 2 Litre Capacity.

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